June 25, 2024

AIICO Insurance Plc, over the years, has been able to create better relationships and connect deeply with the community and its people via several socially impactful programmes and activities.

As consumers are increasingly gaining knowledge on importance of corporate responsibilities and are demanding more from corporate entities, AIICO has remained at the fore-front impacting the society positively.

One of the key areas of focus for AIICO’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is health and well-being. The company has established relationships with partner agencies, government establishments, and non-profit organizations through which it touches many lives more meaningfully.

Annually, AIICO commemorates World Blood Donor Day with an internal blood donation drive in partnership with Lagos State Government through its agency, the Lagos State Blood Transfusion Service. AIICO’s employees troop out voluntarily to donate blood. This intervention is in response to the enormous supply gap and the continuous rise in the demand for blood in local health institutions.

AIICO is also helping to fight and end infant homicide (infanticide) in Nigeria. Unfortunately, this barbaric practice is still in practice in some local communities.

AIICO donates N100 from every sale of its Travel and Automobile insurance products to this cause yearly. It partners with ActionAid Nigeria and Vine Heritage Home, who are at the forefront of the campaign to rescue these children. They provide them with shelter, and access to quality education and ensure they reintegrate into society without harm.

Discussion on health in sub-Saharan Africa is incomplete without touching on malaria and its impact on public health in the region. Malaria accounts for up to 30 percent of all childhood deaths and 11 percent of adult deaths.

In 2022, AIICO partnered with HACEY, distributing treated mosquito nets to many households through Primary Healthcare Centers in local communities across Lagos, Rivers, and Oyo States. Over 500 women benefited from the enlightenment on prevention, diagnosis, and treatment, besides over 3,000 who were engaged online.

The company has consistently driven awareness of breast cancer. It recently partnered with CancerAware Nigeria to continue the awareness effort and goes one step further. As a result, AIICO sponsored the treatment of 30 women with triple-negative breast cancer.

It also supported 100 employees and their spouses for breast cancer scans, mammograms, and other public enlightenment campaigns.
Also, recently, AIICO co-sponsored free eye surgeries through a partnership with the Indo-Eye Care Foundation in Lagos. As a result, 2,000 Nigerians benefited from the project and had their eye sights fully restored.

These commitments to a meaningful impact on people and communities leveraging result-focused partnerships continue to endear the AIICO brand to the Nigerian marketplace. It is one of the factors that keep many individuals and corporates as long-term customers while attracting new ones.

AIICO Insurance is a leading composite insurer in Nigeria, with 60 years record of accomplishment in delivering quality service to its clients. Founded in 1963, AIICO provides life & general insurance, health insurance, and investment management services to create and protect wealth for individuals, families, and corporate customers.


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