Former Deputy National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, Chief Olabode George has called on Nigerians to begin the new year with a renewal of hope and with a belief in a bright new beginning without discord, without malice, without selfishness.

George in a press release issued Tuesday , the eve of new year said “Let’s look forward to a new beginning with an absolute resolve on mutual harmony and friendship across the national divide. We must heal old wounds. We must bind new ties. We must solidify the foundational bonds of our founding fathers.

” The year 2020 is so unique, so significant in both numerical and spiritual ordering. The last time there was such numerical balance and symmetry was one thousand and ten years ago in the year 1010. It will take about 34 generations yet unborn to witness again such astronomical symmetry in the year 3030. This will happen in another one thousand and ten years . Of course no one alive today will be around at that time.

“This very truth about the transient nature of all of us on Mother Earth and this rare balance in date and spiritual realm ought to tame and sober everyone privileged enough to bear witness to the year 2020.

” Thus , with this sobering awareness, we must and we should predicate our collective national destiny on the path of sacrifice, on the course of selflessness, on the goodness of the heart, on tribal cordiality, on truth and on a sweeping investment in a genuine and enduring leadership that really cares.

” Enough of blodshedding . Enough of the grim recourse to ethnic and sectarian malady. This national journey must now be renewed totally and overhauled upon a foundation of trust, upon the firm ground of genuine commitment to service, upon the pivot of enlightened patriotism, ond upon the sincere platform of brotherhood without boundaries.

“We must seize the moment with a leadership that is undetained by myopic self interest; a leadership that is unhindered by the untidy short-cuts of commercial gains or temporary advantages or a leadership that is not mounted on the crude nudging of nepotism or ethnic triumphalism.

“Now we have a chance at national rebirth , discarding the odious ingredients of instabilities, embracing new visions of ethical commitment to reposition our nation on a strengthened , firm and decisive course. The choice is ours. The reality is stark and obvious. We dare not fail nor falter on this righteous course. May the redeeming grace of God continue to abide with our Nation”.


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