June 25, 2024

Ned Nwoko, the senator for Delta North senatorial district, has disclosed that he receives more than N1 billion for constituency projects.  

Nwoko, during a recent interview, mentioned that the allocation of resources to senators often varies based on the magnitude of their constituency projects, indicating that it’s not uncommon for some, including himself, to receive larger amounts. 

 This revelation is coming amid the recent controversy of budget padding alleged by Senator Abdul Ningi of the 2024 budget with an extra N3.7 trillion, a fund not tied to any extra project. 

While the Red Chamber has denied any wrongdoing, some senators have come out to clarify the amount allocated to them for constituency projects in their various districts.  

In reaction to the developments, Nwoko made it clear that the allocated funds are for financing projects, not for personal reimbursement of individual senators. 

“Senators get what they lobby for, not because they have the right to it. Everybody just goes about doing what they can do for their constituencies and senatorial districts.

“A better approach would have been for senatorial uniformity. So if they say that everyone should get about N1 billion, be it. But this way, you rely on your weight and contacts to see what you can get for your people.

“We are not talking about money for the senators. This is for projects within our senatorial districts. If you have read, water, or training programmes all should aggregate to a particular amount.”  

When asked whether the lawmaker gets as much as N1 billion in allocation, the senator replied:  

“Of course, I did. That’s why I am who I am. But these are projects for my people.”

The recent controversy involving budget padding, as alleged by Senator Abdul Ningi from Bauchi Central, has sparked significant turmoil among federal lawmakers, with accusations flying about some senators receiving more funds for constituency projects than their peers. 

For instance, speaking on the Senate floor, a lawmaker, Senator Jarigbe Agom-Jarigbe said that some senior senators received a total of N500 million each from the 2024 budget. 

In response, some senators have clarified that allocation amounts are influenced by the hierarchy of the lawmakers and the scale of the constituency project, indicating that allocations are not equal among senators. 

Moreover, the Red Chamber suspended Senator Abdul Ningi for accusing the Senate of budget padding with no evidence to demonstrate the validity of his allegations.  

Ningi was suspended for three months.  The upper chamber also resolved that if Mr Ningi could send an apology letter, the leadership of the senate would, thereafter, decide whether to lift the suspension or not. 

The resolution of the Red Chamber was a sequel to a point of order raised by the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Appropriations, Adeola Olamilekan, during the plenary. 


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