June 25, 2024

Cassava Network and Pan-Atlantic University (PAU) have partnered to offer students a Web3 training programme that will include joint research, community initiatives and an introduction to Web3 in business.

    In collaboration with EMURGO Africa, a regional venture arm of Cardano blockchain founding entity EMURGO, Cassava and PAU will provide Web3 and Blockchain training programmes for students, co-develop a blockchain technology textbook and prepare students for success in the Web3 workplace.

    Building the blockchain infrastructure needed to bring Africa into Web3 by utilising a digital identity system, multi-chain wallet, rewards platform, and NFTs; the network seeks to be the bridge that helps users transition from Web2 to Web3. The company is also leading Africa’s efforts to revolutionise the Internet with Web3 and building a bustling community in the process.

   The partnership will see PAU students engage in a Web3 and blockchain training programme and equip attendees with the tools to thrive in the Web3 industry. A range of opportunities will accompany the training programme to support the graduates as they enter the Web3 workplace, including access to blockchain internships, business mentorship and professional networking.   

   Cassava Network and EMURGO Africa will also work with PAU to develop a blockchain technology textbook and conduct joint research and community-building initiatives.

  Co-Founder, Cassava Network, Vincent Li, said they are thrilled with the opportunity to pass on skills and expertise to PAU’s vibrant community as education is a key part of their mission to move Africa’s internet onto the blockchain and they are focused on building a strong community in the regional blockchain industry.


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