July 22, 2024

Getting to Know Cynthia Ani In the buzzing world of African tech, Cynthia Ani has carved out a niche for herself as a true innovator. Her recent work—turning data into a force for good—has not gone unnoticed.

At the Tech Unite Africa Awards, she snagged the Social Impact Tech: Innovation of the Year award, a nod to her efforts that are reshaping the African tech landscape.

It’s not just about making strides; it’s about transforming society with technology.

Cynthia’s Crucial Role at Stears Picture someone who doesn’t just work with numbers but makes them tell stories—stories of truth, stories that matter. That’s what Cynthia did at Stears. Her leadership transformed the

company into a lighthouse of transparency when Nigeria held its breath for the 2019 elections. Thanks to her, Stears didn’t just report numbers—they gave power back to the

people, equipping citizens, reporters, and the folks in charge with the truth.

Stears’ Dashboard: A Window into the 2019 Elections

What if you could watch the heartbeat of an election? That’s the kind of clarity S, tears’ dashboard offered, all under Cynthia’s guidance. It wasn’t just another tool; it was the public’s eye for the integrity of their democracy, ensuring that the will of the people was reflected without a shadow of a doubt.

The Big Picture: Transparency in Elections Democracy thrives on trust, and trust is built on transparency.

Cynthia knew this, and she delivered. By making election data accessible and understandable, she played a pivotal role in fortifying Nigeria’s democratic foundations. It’s a testament to how tech can be a force for good, ensuring that the power truly remains with the people.

Honoring Cynthia Ani and Looking Ahead Cynthia’s accolade is a beacon for what’s to come in African tech—an innovation that matters, an innovation that solves real problems. It’s a celebration of a future where technology isn’t just for the few, but a tool for the many, driving transparency and empowering societies across the continent. With visionaries like Cynthia at the helm, the future of tech in Africa is not just bright; it’s promising.


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