June 25, 2024

Dangote Cement Plc has received special recognition in Zambia and Senegal, for its corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability projects in the two countries.

   The employers’ body in Senegal, the Conseil National du Patronat (CNP) said it was recognising the cement maker’s Senegalese subsidiary for its green project in which the company planted hundreds of trees to mitigate desert encroachment in parts of the country.

     In the same vein, Dangote Cement Zambia’s Ndola subsidiary was given the Best Community Social Impact Award for Youth Development at an event organised by the Corporate Social Responsibility Network Zambia (CSRNZ).

   According to the organisers of the award, Dangote Cement, Zambia won the award as a result of the community skills training center donated to support vocational skills training for the less privileged youths in the community.

    The cement company also won the Best Environmental Excellence Award category based on its Environmental Action in the Community through waste management and sensitisation programs.

   The Country Manager, of Dangote Cement Zambia, Vipul Agrawal said, “I am delighted at the two awards. Our CSR projects are designed to have the best impact on the benefiting communities. We will continue to embark on more projects that will change the face of our host communities.”

     Dangote Cement Senegal was honoured for its commitment to CSR and Sustainability at the opening of the “Assises de l’Entreprise”an event which brought together the big companies operating in Senegal. The cement company’s “The Ngomène Green Wall” project received the CNP award for “CSR & Sustainable Development”.

   Ousmane Mbaye, acting Country Manager of Dangote Cement Senegal responding, expressed his appreciation and that of all his colleagues over the award.

   “It is with a sense of excitement and satisfaction that I receive the CNP “CSR & Sustainable Development” award on behalf of Dangote Cement Senegal. This distinction is a recognition of all the works done in the host communities in partnership with all the stakeholders”, he said.

   He stated that Dangote Cement Senegal will not rest on its oars saying, “We see this award as an encouragement to do more and better. And we will do our utmost to make it possible. Our ambition is to make Dangote Cement Senegal the undisputed champion of Sustainable Development in Senegal,” he promised.

   The Ngomène “Green Wall” project launched in 2019 is a high profile CSR and Sustainable Development policy designed by the company’s management and effectively implemented by the CSR and Sustainable Development Department to bring succor to the people.



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