July 14, 2024

About 2,000 residents of Egbado in Dalemo Area of Alakuko in Ifo Local Government Area of Ogun State have made passionate appeal to the Governor of Ogun State , Chief Dapo Abiodun to help in repair of Egbado road which serve them.

The stretch of road has been unpassable making many car owners to park their cars outside the areas , while the commercial vehicles and cyclists also avoided the area during rainy season.
Even  with the beginning of the dry season  going through Egbado road is like a proverbial horse passing  through the needle’s eye .
When National Monitor visited the area with other journalists on a fact finding mission last Monday, it was a horrible experience and the road almost caught off at different sections.
The inhabitants of the area were in unison in their demand that Governor Dapo Abiodun should please save them by repair the road now that the dry season is here.
One of the residents of Egbado Road is a popular man of God,  Prophet Israel Oladele Ogundipe of Celestial Church of Christ, Genesis Global .
Popularly refer to as ‘Genesis’, Prophet Oladele  said : “What can I  say than to passionately appeal to our dear Governor to please help us repair this road. We know he has a tight schedule but we will be pleased if he can find time to visit this area and see the road we pass everyday. If he cannot come, he should please send a delegation to visit and see the state of this, Egbado road and help us out.
” Landlords and tenants are always afraid when coming back home from work because those commercial transporters charge exhorbitantly not because they are wicked but because  of the risk they are going through in passing through the bad road”.
Prophet Oladele who said he has been grading the road for many years  during the dry season said all in all he should have spent about N2.7m .
” When you look at the cost of Graders, settling issues with some landlords, you will know it has not been easy doing this every year. What I have been doing is to add value, government alone cannot do everything but the stage it has reached now, government must comes in and help us. The road is totally bad as you can see yourself.
Our Governor is a lover of the masses and we are on our knees begging him to please help us repair this road”, Prophet Oladele said.
 Also speaking Comrade Ayinde Oloyede called on the Ogun State government to please assist the community in resolving what he called long time problem.
” Our problem has been this bad road.  I am a pensioner  and we love Governor Abiodun , we voted for him. He should please help us repair this road. God will bless him. We know he is a good man. The other side of this community which fall on the side of Lagos State are enjoying good roads. Governor Abiodun should please gives us succour”.
Mrs Olawoyin Adisa passionately appeals for government support on the repair of Egbado road.
” Our great Prophet , Genesis,  has been doing his best in the past years by grading the road during dry season. But what we want is a permanent solution. The solution is total repair of the road. We women suffer most. You know we have to go out and come in most times
 but to get cyclist or bus we will queue up in the sun for hours
 The commercial buses don’t want to come to Egbado road because our road is bad.
” God will bless our Governor. He should please assist us. I pray from my heart, his tenure will bring peace and stability .Governor Abiodun do this for us and God will also grant your heart’s desires”.
On her part, Engr. Mrs Adeyemi urged Governor Abiodun to remember that ” we voted for him in the last election. We pay our taxes and so we should not be allowed to suffer. This road has been in bad condition for more than twenty  years and it is a source of sorrow for those of us that are landlords in this area.
” Governor Abiodun should visit us and see our roads . We will all troop out to welcome him . He is our Governor, we love him. He should help us repair this road before another rainy season”.
National Monitor also spoke with  commercial cyclists  and commercial vehicles drivers and they expressed the agony they are going through passing through Egbado road. Some said their vehicles got damaged and stuck on the road most times. They also called on government to come and help rehabilitate the road.

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