July 22, 2024

Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk has suggested that the company might start accepting dogecoin (DOGE) for Tesla vehicle purchases. Elon Musk has endorsed dogecoin on many occasions, particularly since 2001.  

According to Beincrypto, Elon Musk Hinted on the Dogecoin integration for Tesla car purchase during a session at Tesla’s Berlin Gigafactory. He entertained the idea in response to a question about dogecoin integration for Tesla by a member of the audience.  

“At some point I think we should enable that,” Musk stated.

Elon Musk’s advocacy for Dogecoin isn’t new often calling the crypto asset “The People’s Crypto”.  

However, Tesla started accepting crypto for Tesla merchandise on January 15 2022. The crypto transactions were however limited to Dogecoin alone.

Fans of Tesla recently discovered that Dogecoin was mentioned in the code for Tesla’s Cybertruck checkout page.

This sparked speculations on whether the company are set to start accepting Dogecoin for its much-anticipated Futuristic Truck.  

Despite these mentions, an official statement regarding Dogecoin as a payment method from Tesla or Musk has yet to be released.  

Elon Musk’s comments on Dogecoin have historically impacted the performance and price of Dogecoin in the market.

For instance, Dogecoin’s value witnessed a more than 10% increase in just 15 minutes following Musk’s recent comments.  

The meme coin also witnessed a 78% rally in March prompting the crypto community to keenly observe Dogecoin’s performance especially its resistance and potential for breakout.  

The Crypto community is highly anticipating and buzzing with speculation about the Xpayment account created by X. This indicates the launch of an in-app payment service. Crypto users are hoping that Elon Musk given his past antecedents would use his influence to include Dogecoin in X’s payment option. 



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