Fast rising Lagos – based Non Governmental Organization, The Feeders Foundation, has celebrated the arrival of two of the world’s first babies of the decade in a slum community in Lagos.
The babies, a beautiful girl and a bouncing boy, became the first newborns of the year 2020 in Sogunro Community of Iwaya/Makoko, Lagos.
 The first baby was born only few minutes past 12am, while the second came later in the morning of the same day, January 1, 2020.
In keeping with the United Nations Children Education Fund (UNICEF) standard practice of celebrating the first newborns of the year, the Foundation underscored the significance of celebrating Mother and Child as a way of  lending a hand of support and strengthen the ideals of family, growth and sound development.
It was also  in  this light that the humanitarian organization presented cash gifts, baby wears, mosquito nets, toiletries, baby wipes and other gifts to the families on the 4th of January, 2020, and has put measures in place to provide continuous support for healthy growth of the children.
This laudable feat also complements the State Government’s tradition of celebrating the first births in Government General hospitals every year.
In the words of the Founder and Team Leader of the Foundation, Hunsu Ezekiel Olusegun, “Celebrating these royalties is celebrating our future as a people, and sending a message that every newborn is king, regardless of place of birth or economic background. We are committed to ensuring that they grow in good health and fulfill their potentials.”
In appreciation, the celebrated families of Shadiat Petosi and Lydia Avoyanyin were respectively overwhelmed with joy, and expressed gratitude to the Founder and team of the organization for deeming it fit to recognize and celebrate their babies despite their low economic status and admitted they couldn’t have asked for a better new year gift.
 They also promised to do their very best in ensuring the highest standards of care for the children.
The organization which launched a Foodbank Project in December, 2019, for continuous free feeding of school children in the slum area of Iwaya/Makoko, is concluding plans to award education scholarships to seventy (70) children in the same slum community to help them access learning and acquire skills needed to live meaningful, prosperous and dignified lives, thereby breaking intergenerational cycles of disadvantage.

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