Investors have been urged to co-own prime real estate assets in the United States (US), the United Kingdom (UK), Dubai and Nigeria to boost international recognition.

Speaking at the launch of Ellamediate, a real estate company that leverages Blockchain technology, Chief Executive Officer, Damilola Parkinson, hinted that real estate investment has proven to be one of the major drivers of economic growth.

Parkinson noted that Ellamediate offers fractions of verified assets to investors around the world to co-own real estate assets in the US, UK, Dubai and Nigeria.

He said: “Technology is driving major businesses in the country, however, one needs to be careful in what to get involved with. That is why Ellamediate has set up a platform where a regular bank staff, businessman, and civil servant can co-own fractions of a prime real estate asset without breaking the bank. Handful investors have used this opportunity to co-own real estate assets in places like Dubai and the UK. Such assets would not disappear, in a market that is stable, and that has constantly performed above inflation rates.”

To address issues of bad actors with fake titles, the Chief Legal Officer of Ellamediate, Oluwatobi Adetona said: “On the platform, a person can purchase real estate assets without fear of bad title, being swindled or having to deal with middlemen or third parties usually associated with the traditional real estate transactions.

“This is all made possible through the presence of strategic partners that play a key role in ensuring the safety of transactions, the safety of title and safety of assets via our platform.

“We partnered with Allied Trust Asset Management Limited to manage the assets of customers and also ensure returns on assets are maximised and used for its specific purpose. This partnership holds the interest of landlords on Ellamediate at top priority by ensuring accountability and accuracy of financial statements since it is checked regularly using global standards.”






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