July 22, 2024

All On, a leading impact investing company focused on scaling up the renewable energy sector in Nigeria, and The Nigeria Office for Philanthropy and Impact Investing (NPO), launched under the auspices of the Office of the Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, in recognition of the International Women’s Day 2024, has celebrated the invaluable contributions of women in the renewable energy sector, recognising their achievements and leadership within the industry.

Themed, ‘Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress’, the event served as a purpose to explore how to collectively pave the way for a more inclusive and sustainable future for women in Nigeria.

The event also served as a platform to reiterate All On’s unwavering commitment to driving positive change in the Nigerian renewable energy landscape. This commitment aligns with the NPO’s mission, to foster impact investing, sustainable development, and economic empowerment for women across Nigeria.

Recognising the pivotal role women play in national development, the event emphasised their economic empowerment and strives to create opportunities for them to contribute meaningfully to the renewable energy sector.

Chief Executive Officer, All On, Caroline Eboumbou, said: “As we celebrate International Women’s Day this year, it is crucial to acknowledge the critical role women play in driving innovation and leading the charge towards a sustainable future, particularly within the Nigerian renewable energy sector, said the This special soiree co-hosted with The Nigeria office for Philanthropy and Impact Investing signifies our collective commitment to foster a more inclusive and equitable energy landscape in Nigeria.

“By recognizing the invaluable contributions of women leaders and changemakers, we aim to not only celebrate their achievements but also facilitate a platform for open dialogue on the challenges and opportunities related to inclusivity and sustainability. Through meaningful collaboration and investment in women’s leadership and entrepreneurial endeavours, we are confident that we can collectively accelerate progress towards building a brighter, more sustainable future for all Nigerians.”

Speaking at the event the Chairperson of the Nigeria Office for Philanthropy & Impact Investing (NPO), Thelma Ekiyor Solanke, said, “While the intention of investing in women-owned businesses is commendable, the reality is that it is often extremely difficult. My experience in venture finance has shown me that numerous challenges exist, from a lack of awareness among women entrepreneurs to the design of capital that does not cater to their needs. At NPO we are committed to ensuring that fifty percent of our capital is targeted at investing in women and more importantly we are actively seeking partnerships with like-minded organisations like All On. We are working with a range of partners, including private foundations, to support women-led businesses in sectors like fashion, renewable energy, and sustainable agriculture.



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