June 25, 2024

One of the world’s largest investment companies, Gulf Brokers Ltd., has entered the Nigerian market. It provides support to local clients directly in their mother tongue.

  Financial Analyst of Gulf Brokers Ltd., Syam KP, said: “Our efforts to bring the best products to our clients were frwereified by the ‘Best Broker Mobile Application’ award at the prestigious tradersratings.com event held in December, thus, adding to the variety of awards appreciating reliability and quality of our services.

   “We definitely won’t stop there. We are constantly striving to move forward and keep up with innovations to provide our clients with the best services,”

He stressed that people simply want to trade from anywhere and have their markets in sight at all times. The mobile way of life has already fully taken over the world of online investing and trading financial assets.

   “Our company operates in multiple languages and I am happy we were recently able to add Nigeria to our portfolio. As we believe in localization and human touch while providing sophisticated digital services, we serve our customers in their language and make them feel at home, hence our global presence with offices around the world,” he added.



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