July 14, 2024

Lagos State has outranked tourist destination cities such as Dubai, Miami, and Singapore to rank as the 19th best city to visit in 2024. 

This ranking is according to a report by Time Out Edition of the Top 50 list of best countries to visit in 2024. Time Out, a renowned publisher of city guides and magazines, derived its rankings from a comprehensive survey involving over 20,000 city dwellers worldwide and its network of editors across the world. 

The criteria for Lagos’s ranking in the top 20 considered various factors such as food quality, affordability, cultural richness, vibrant nightlife, the overall feel of the city, community vibes, access to green spaces, historic sites, and more. Meanwhile, Duba ranks 28th on the list, Singapore 22nd ,Miami 23rd respectively 

“When it comes to the standard of living, Lagos has a lot going for it – 96 % of locals are happy, 98 % would call Lagos beautiful and the city got a 92 % friendliness rating, too.” The report stated.

The report encourages global citizens to experience Lagos, describing it as a city with something for everyone. It highlights the ongoing expansion of both the city and its suburbs, citing the live-work-play concept of Eko Atlantic City and the booming town of Epe on the north side of Lekki Lagoon.

On account of luxury and lifestyle, the report spotlighted a few high-brow areas such as Victoria Island for its trifecta of swanky resorts, food havens, and vibrant nightlife. Ikeja’s Kuti’s Bistro, owned by the legendary Afrobeat family is mentioned for its food delicacies. Oniru Beach is also featured as a relaxing spot for residents and visitors alike. 

The recognition positions Lagos alongside notable African cities, with Cape Town in South Africa securing the second position in the top 20. However, Accra in Ghana ranks 44th.

The acknowledgment is a testament to Lagos’s diverse and rich offerings, making it a destination worth exploring.  

The criteria used in the evaluation reflect the unique aspects that make a city attractive to both residents and visitors. The survey covered various dimensions, from the quality and affordability of food to the cultural richness.   

This recognition stands in contrast to a 2023 report by the Economist Intelligence Unit, which labeled Lagos as the fourth-worst city to live in globally. The earlier report considered stability, healthcare, culture, environment, education, and infrastructure factors.

Despite the differing perspectives, Lagos continues to captivate and engage those who experience its dynamic and diverse offerings, as celebrated by its inclusion in Time Out’s esteemed list of top global cities to visit. New York ranks number 1 on the list as a major destination this year. 


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