June 25, 2024

The Lagos State Emergency Management Agency (LASEMA) reported a total of 1,461 emergency incidents in Lagos from Jan. 1, 2023, to Dec. 31, 2023, with a noteworthy surge of 138 incidents in December alone. 

The Head of the Public Affairs Unit of LASEMA Nosa Okunbor, disclosed in a statement. According to the statement, LASEMA responded to 6,442 incidents between June 1, 2019, and Dec. 31, 2023, while addressing its statutory duties for disaster management. 

The LASEMA 2023 report showed that out of the 138 incidents in December 2023, articulated vehicles, including trucks and tankers, played a major role with 58 incidents.  

The breakdown revealed 39 truck/tanker accidents and 12 breakdowns, with two tankers falling and five getting stuck during this period.  

Additionally, 29 other vehicles were involved in crashes, and eight medical emergencies were reported.  

The month also witnessed 11 fire incidents, while the “Other events” category encompassed 19 incidents, involving two bridge repairs, one assault, and various other cases. 

Concerning building collapses, LASEMA documented nine cases, comprising two full building collapses, five partial collapses, and two bridge collapses.  

The statement noted a single incident in the oil spillages/leakages category and emphasized the absence of explosions, marine incidents, train accidents, or air crashes in December 2023. 

LASEMA’s comprehensive response highlights the diverse challenges faced by the state, ranging from road accidents involving articulated vehicles to building collapses and other emergencies.  

The agency’s commitment to timely and effective intervention remains crucial in ensuring the safety and well-being of Lagos residents. 

The agency is responsible for the overall coordination of emergency management in Lagos state. It is charged to provide adequate and prompt response as well as sustaining intervention in all forms of emergency/disaster situations in the state.  

Road accidents account for more than 50% of incidents handled by LASEMA. 

According to the World Health Organisation, every year the lives of approximately 1.19 million people are cut short because of a road traffic crash. Between 20 and 50 million more people suffer non-fatal injuries, with many incurring a disability. 

92% of the world’s fatalities on the roads occur in low- and middle-income countries, even though these countries have around 60% of the world’s vehicles. 

Road traffic injuries cause considerable economic losses to individuals, their families, and nations as a whole.  

These losses arise from the cost of treatment as well as lost productivity for those killed or disabled by their injuries, and for family members who need to take time off work or school to care for the injured. Road traffic crashes cost most countries 3% of their gross domestic product. 


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