July 14, 2024

According to the Global Traffic Congestion Rankings 2023 by Traffic Index, Lagos State has the worst road traffic among all cities, with at least 500,000 inhabitants around the world.

Riga, the capital and largest city of Latvia, came second on the list, followed by Tehran, the capital and largest city of Iran. Mexico City in Mexico, Mumbai in India, and Krakow in Poland were ranked fourth, fifth, and sixth, respectively.

In Africa, Cairo, Egypt, ranked 9th, followed by Casablanca, Morocco’s economic and business centre, which ranked 48th, as the only African cities to feature on the list.

In developing countries, traffic congestion is prevalent due to poor road conditions and a lack of connectivity, among other factors.

Here is a list of top 10 cities with the worst traffic in the world

  1. Lagos (Nigeria)
  2. Riga (Latvia)
  3. Tehran (Iran)
  4. Mexico City (Mexico)
  5. Mumbai (India)
  6. Krakow (Poland)
  7. Istanbul (Turkey)
  8. Lima (Peru)
  9. Cairo (Egypt)
  10. Bucuresti (Romania)

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