Pension Fund Administrator (PFA), Leadway Pensure, has appointed a new managing director, Lanre Idris.

The new development, according to the PFA, follows the recent retirement of Ronke Adedeji, it’s former managing director who steered the ship of the organisation for over a decade.

Idris has managerial experience spanning many positions across organisations and industries. His expertise covers leadership, information systems, governance, risk and business process management.

Before becoming the new managing director of Leadway Pensure, Idris served as the executive director/COO of the organisation during which he was instrumental to the transformation and remarkable growth of the organisation.

He has worked with diverse teams across the country; served in various senior management positions in leading organisations.

He was formerly the general manager at Tehila Communications Ltd, a value-added services company in Lagos, before moving to become the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Prestel Communications Ltd, Benin.



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