June 13, 2024

The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) has shut down 10 unregistered bakeries and eight table water factories in Bonny Local Government Area to combat the proliferation of fake and unwholesome products in Rivers state. 

The agency embarked on a three-day operation, with the assistance of police personnel, to clamp down on substandard operations and ensure consumer safety.  

This move underscores NAFDAC’s commitment to upholding regulatory standards and protecting public health. 

According to Mr. Cyril Monye, the Public Relations Officer for NAFDAC’s South-South Zone, some of the shuttered facilities were operating in unhygienic conditions and using the names of well-known brands in the state capital of Port Harcourt, raising concerns about product authenticity and safety. 

During the operation, the NAFDAC Director for the South-South Zone, Chukwuma Oligbo, emphasized the necessity of the crackdown, citing extensive investigations, surveillance efforts, and consumer complaints. 

 Oligbo revealed disturbing findings, including the use of makeshift facilities and inappropriate equipment, as well as improper storage and handling of products. 

Oligbo further highlighted deficiencies in the registration and licensing of these establishments, noting that many failed to meet NAFDAC’s minimum requirements or had expired licenses.  

He urged non-compliant producers to take advantage of the license renewal waiver provided by the agency and adhere to regulatory standards. 

The enforcement operation extended beyond bakeries and water factories, with NAFDAC inspectors also uncovering violations in pharmacies and supermarkets, including the sale of unregistered products and unsafe storage practices for injections. 

As NAFDAC continues to crack down on non-compliant entities, producers are reminded of the consequences of flouting regulations, while consumers are urged to remain vigilant and report any suspicious products or practices.


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