The Nigerian Economic Summit and Heifer Nigeria are set to collaborate to train stakeholders on the role of youths and technology in the transformation and future of Nigeria’s agricultural sector.

  The training, which will be held at the Nigerian Economic Summit (NES #27), has the theme, ‘Youth and Technology: The Future of Africa’s Agriculture.’

It said the theme was in line with the NES 27 theme, ‘Securing Our Future: The Fierce Urgency of Now’. The event will be organized as a side event today, at the NES #27.

  The Country Director, Heifer Nigeria, Rufus Idris, was quoted in a statement as saying, “Youth is the future of agriculture in Africa, and they can bring the much-needed innovation that will enable African farmers to feed the continent’s growing population in the years ahead.

“Leveraging technology and modern practices will create a pathway for Nigeria to increase productivity and competitiveness of the agricultural sector to curb food insecurity and poverty. Heifer International is committed to supporting a business ecosystem that enables youths to drive innovation in the sector, growing their incomes through sustainable and scalable food, and farming practices.”

According to Heifer International, for more than 47 years it has worked with smallholder farmers in Africa, supporting them to reach a sustainable living income. It added that it plans to assist more than one million farmers and mainly youth to reach a sustainable living income by the year 2030 in Nigeria.


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