The Minister of Science and Technology, Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu, has called for a robust investment in research and innovation to facilitate energy transition in the country. 

  The minister stated this at a meeting with vice-chancellors of host universities of the Energy Research Centres under the Energy Commission of Nigeria (ECN) in Abuja.

  At the event, the minister inaugurated a committee to review the operational guidelines of the research centres. 

   Onu noted that research and innovation would help the nation transit from fossil fuels to more sustainable energy use as well as improved energy efficiency. 

   According to him, an adequate, reliable and cost-effective energy supply is extremely helpful in facilitating the socio-economic development of the country. 

   While lamenting that research and development (R&D) outputs in the country have remained on the shelves in the centres without getting into the market, Onu said the yearly STI Expo, which has been taking place in the ministry, has aided the commercialisation of research output.

   He added that the Presidential Executive Order Five initiated by the ministry has supported local capacity participation in the procurement of Science, technology and Innovation components in the country.

  He commended the centres for their innovative outputs in areas of energy research, which he said included solar water heaters, solar crops, dryers, biomass digesters, solar chick brooders, solar PV systems for lighting, water pumping and many others.

   Responding on behalf of the six vice-chancellors of host universities of ECN, the Vice-Chancellor, University of Benin, Prof. Lilian Imuetinyan Salami, appreciated the minister for the meeting, and said that the only way the country can grow is through STI development.

   She added that the youths should be encouraged to bring out ideas that can be incubated in the Universities.



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