June 13, 2024

PPC Limited has called for the use of smart technology for street lights to improve safety and efficiency in cities and towns across the country.

While speaking on the need to upgrade utility infrastructure in Nigeria, the Head of the Power Division at PPC, Kelechi Onuigbo, observed that the poor maintenance and huge costs required to power the existing street lights in the country had resulted in many being non-functional.

According to him, this is because many of the street lights were designed with outdated technologies such as incandescent bulbs and other obsolete components.

Onuigbo said smart streetlights perform multiple functions, are solar-powered to reduce energy consumption and have motion sensors that allow for more efficient lighting.

Highlighting other benefits of smart lighting, Onuigbo said: “Smart lighting can be used to discourage crime by providing an increased level of security in areas that are dimly lit. They can be used to detect human traffic, which can help reduce congestion and improve air quality.

“Smart lighting can also be used to monitor air quality by providing real-time data on local air quality levels. This data can be used to inform public health decisions in areas with poor air quality.

“Smart street lighting utilises high-tech sensors and controls to adjust lighting levels based on environmental conditions, motion, and other inputs. PPC believes that smart street lighting is an important tool for improving safety in urban areas.”

He also pointed out the need for regular repairs and maintenance of street lights in the country to keep the highways and major roads safe and secure for commuters and residents alike.

To ensure road safety and crime reduction, he called for a conversion of traditional lighting infrastructure to smart street lighting


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