Nigeria’s first fully digital charity platform, ProjectGiiV has continued with its vision of revolutionising the practice of charity leveraging technology to operations via its mobile app GiiV, and website,, received over 2,900 items from donors in Lagos and presented to several charity homes in the state.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the platform, the founder, Olamide Jasanya, confirmed it was borne out of the need to encourage the habit of giving among Nigerians. He added that, by introducing ease into the process and providing value for both the donor and the recipient, the platform contributes towards the Sustainable development goals of reduced inequalities, quality education, good health, and well-being. Jasanya who is himself a digital enthusiast explained that operationally, the platform serves to build the gap between need centres and donors otherwise called, GiiVers, providing an avenue where the latter can conveniently and anonymously if preferred.

“Technology has no doubt changed our lives and the way we live. People no longer have to wait for long to access basic services thanks to technology. At ProjectGiiV, we are simply making the most of this reality for h followed this trend, leveraging technology and other digital tools for the purpose of encouraging charity and creating a more inclusive and balanced world. Our research showed there are certain needs that orphanages and care homes have that can be easily met by everyday people but for the challenge of logistics. Hence, we developed a solution by creating a platform where the latter can conveniently donate to the former without breaking a sweat. Via our platforms, anyone can donate to charity from the comfort of their homes and for free too. We serve as the logistic company aiding the exchange at no cost to both parties”, he said.

ProjectGiiV though in its first year of operations, has recorded an outstanding success, processing over almost 3,000 items including food, clothes, books, donated by close to 50 donors across Lagos and presented to several homes including Hearts of Gold Orphanage, Little Saints Orphanage, Red Cross Orphanage, Compassionate Heart amongst others. Along with that, is the Shop-For-Free event held in the Ayetoro community in Makoko, Lagos last month, where clothes, shoes, books and food items were made available for residents in the community to buy for free.

Asked how the team has been able to achieve such a record in the short time of operations, Jasanya attributed the success to the vision of the leadership and dedication of the team. In his words, “We are lucky to have passionate individuals on the team. On our board are consummate professionals and business executives including media entrepreneur, ChudeJideonwo and other reputable individuals who see to the daily running of the platform. Although in our first year, we are poised to do bigger things in the coming months as our vision remains to rekindle the act of charity in the hearts of people leveraging technology”, Jasanya said.

The platform continues to thrive on its pillars – Empathy, Service, Transparency and Speed – to reach more homes and individuals and maintain its position as the leading digital charity platform in Nigeria and across Africa.




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