April 19, 2024

SIMS Nigeria has announced its first White Friday sales. Head of Operations, SIMS Nigeria, Rajesh Raja, in a statement, explained that “the concept of White Friday is new and it is aimed to add more positivity to the month of February and offer consumers discounts beyond the traditional Black Friday sales.”

   According to Raja “Globally, the end of the year heralds a lot of promos, especially in Africa and Nigeria including the much talked about Black Friday in November which gives sales advantage to a lot of people.

  “Meanwhile, across the world, February is usually celebrated as a black month. Thus, in contradistinction, we came up with a positive vibe as white represents positivity in many cultures.”

   While emphasizing the uniqueness of the White Friday Concept, Raja said the promo sales is a form of huge offers being given to consumers on SIMS’ electronics products, at pocket-friendly prices.

   In his address, Executive Director, Corporate Services, SIMS Nigeria, Fab Uzor, described the White Friday sales as the company’s way of giving back to its loyal customers and a ‘thank you’ for their continuous patronage.

  Uzor noted “despite the current economic crunch that had stifled the global economy, the White Friday sales to be held in all SIMS Digital Centers across the country (with seven in Lagos, alone), would offer customers up to eighty percent discount on some of the company’s products. In truth, many people desire to own some of these appliances, but because of their lean pocket, they are not able to do it.”

   Concerning the sustainability of the White Friday culture, Uzor disclosed “SIMS Nigeria introduced this concept and intends to take ownership. Therefore, every year we are going to have White Friday in February, as well as the Black Friday which comes in the last week of November.”


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