Former Deputy National Chairman of the Peoples  Democratic Party ,(PDP)., Chief Olabode George has congratulated the Governor of Oyo State , Engr. Seyi Makinde on his victory at the Supreme Court  calling on him to rise above partisan divide and withdraw into statemanship caution.
George who is also the Atona Odua of Yorubaland in a statement  Thursday  said : “The victory of Governor Seyi Makinde at the Supreme Court finally put to an end the legal tussle that lasted for almost an uncertain , interminable stretch. Let me state emphatically that this is not the time to gloat or engage In petty celebration. This is the time to withdraw into a statesmanship caution.
“It should be a time of reflection and sobering acknowledgement of our joint brotherhood.The feud is over. The acrimony of the recent past must now be flung away.  Rancour, chest beating triumphalism should be discarded.
” The pacesetter state should now look forward with keen and self assured vision.Everyone must come together with renewed zeal, with purposeful devotion and unifying determination.
“Governor Makinde must rise above partisan divide and situate himself as the reconciliator, the balm that heals all wounds, the bond that rectify all disruptions and the pacifier that corrects all perceived ills .
“Governor Makinde is a young man who is full of developmental ideas and forward looking clarity. He is resolved in selfless idealism and discerning leadership. He must remain resolute, stretching the hands of curative largeness across all the limits and bounds of Oyo state without a narrow restriction to partisan articulations.
“As he begins anew, I wish him happy sailing as he now steers the rudder of state free from all encumbrances, stripped of the riving jaundice of partisan withdrawal.
“Truly, the horizon is clear. The winds are fair. Good luck. And God’s speed”.
Credit: nationalmonitor

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