June 13, 2024

British Authorities have commenced the detaining of illegal migrants in preparation to deporting them to Rwanda according to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s new immigration policy.

According to Reuters, The UK Parliament last month approved a law that allows the sending of asylum seekers without permission in the UK to Rwanda.

The Prime minister is expected to call an election later this year with illegal migration expected to be one of the front burner issues. Mr. Sunak wants the first batch of asylum seekers to be sent to Rwanda by July.

According to official figures over 7500 people have arrived on the shores of Britain on small boats from France this year. The UK government hopes the new immigration law will deter and discourage people from making the trip across to the UK.

Britain’s interior minister released photos of illegal migrants being arrested and taken into custody.

“Our dedicated enforcement teams are working at pace to swiftly detain those who have no right to be here so we can get flights off the ground,” Interior Minister James Cleverly said in a statement on Wednesday.

Unions and human rights charities opposed the policy and are preparing to launch challenges to prevent the flights from taking off to Rwanda.

The UK Supreme Court declared the policy unlawful last year fueling opposition to the policy by unions and human rights groups.

Care4Calais, a refugee charity, said the detentions had started on Monday and they have received calls from concerned people who are uncertain about their fate and when the flights will take off.

Natasha Tsangarides, Associate Director of Advocacy at the charity Freedom from Torture stated that the new policy is frightening people and could leave asylum seekers going underground and dissociating from their Support System.

The Rwanda deportation bill was birthed when the UK led by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak struck a deal with Rwanda in April 2022 to deport UK asylum seekers to Rwanda.

The Bill was approved last month by the UK Parliament and is now a law despite increased opposition from Human rights groups and unions.

Earlier this week, The UK sent its first Asylum seeker to Rwanda under a voluntary scheme.


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