June 15, 2024


To further enhance business agility and intensify the adoption of functional management skills for quality in the government and private sector, Agile Practitioners of Nigeria (APN) has advised organizations in the country to adopt the use of Agile methodology.

  The association, a body governing change practices and training certification, said the methodology does not only focus on helping and developing an individual’s career but also allow a paradigm shift towards an innovative and problem-solving mindset.

  By leveraging these business agility skills, the firm added that firms and individuals will easily adapt to market changes and flexibly respond to customers’ demands.

 The Chairman of the association, Mrs Abiodun Osoba, said this while speaking on the upcoming 5th yearly edition of Agile Nigeria Conference 2022, with the theme, ‘Continuous improvement strategies’.

  She said, “The association understands that Nigeria needs transformation in both the private and public sectors. This much-desired change can be achieved using the Agile methodology, which allows a paradigm shift towards an innovative and problem-solving mindset.

  “Driven by market needs, customer expectations, and evolving technological innovation, today’s constantly changing business environment is forcing companies to adopt the Agile models of management and corporate governance—or risk being left behind.

  “The Agile Practitioners Association of Nigeria, through its partners and members, provides the opportunity that will allow organisations to connect with other industry leaders and jointly share experiences and insights, helping all members and organisations to better navigate the emerging and complicated domain of business agility.” 








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