June 13, 2024

Leading recruitment platform and HR solutions firm, Jobberman Nigeria, has announced its latest offerings targeting job seekers and organisations looking to hire quality candidates in 2024 and beyond.

The company made this known during the launch of its Get Ahead of the Curve campaign that allows organisations to publish vacancies for free to the over 3 million candidates available on the Jobberman platform, get targeted applicants, and create employer pages that improves the credibility and increases visibility for organisations.

Speaking on these offerings to employers from the company, Oreoluwa Boboye, Jobberman Nigeria CEO said “the need for quality talent remains a critical concern for organisations in Nigeria and beyond.

That is why we have developed more targeted offerings for employers to reach the over three million job-ready candidates on our platform for free, as well as personalized job adverts for seekers.

We understand the time and resources invested in the recruitment process, so we have developed technological innovation like the applicant Tracking System to improve employer-seeker match while making the process seamless and efficient for recruiters.”

“This is a strategic corporate contribution to reduce unemployment and underemployment in the country, while contributing directly to business operations sustainability for organisations”, Boboye said further.

“The Get Ahead of the Curve campaign is a focused approach to educating both seekers and employers on the improved benefits of the Jobberman platform,” says Damilola Abati, Head of Marketing, Jobberman Nigeria.

“Our platform now allows recruiters to create employer pages for their organisations which they can populate with information that improves their credibility and increases visibility on both our platform and the web generally. For seekers, they can elevate their CVs with our complimentary CV review service, receive personalised job adverts and create seeker profiles that improves their visibility and competitiveness during job searches.”

According to recent data by the National Bureau of Statistics, about 87% of young Nigerians are self-employed, directly impacting available skilled workers open to salaried jobs.

This data is reflected in Jobberman’s 2023 How Young Nigerians Survive Without Jobs report which indicates that over 56% of young self-employed Nigerians describe their businesses as ‘hustle’.

Further insights into skilled worker availability in the formal business sector is provided in the 2023 KPMG Global Economy Outlook report where “unemployment is expected to continue to be a major challenge… due to the limited investment by the private sector, low industrialization and slower than required economic growth and consequently the inability of the economy to absorb the 4-5 million new entrants into the Nigerian job market every year.”

Thus, the Jobberman Get Ahead of the Curve campaign helps its over three million job applicants to receive personalized job adverts with standout profiles while providing a ready-made pool for employers to target.

Recruiters are now able to post job vacancies for free to access more quality candidates and get targeted applications, improve their credibility and visibility with the standout employer feature on Jobberman, as well as the additional benefits of boosting and job amplification services to make specific vacancies stand out from the crowd.

About Jobberman

Founded in 2009, Jobberman started as a recruitment and job search platform but has grown into an all-encompassing career platform offering online career advice, personalized HR solutions for both individuals and institutions as well as training services for jobseekers.


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