June 25, 2024

By Habibat Aliu

Stakeholders that gathered at the 2023 AfricaNXT talk session held in Lagos, have stressed the need to create improved partnerships between the private and public sectors to accelerate Nigeria’s growth and that of the continent. 

 Besides, they also emphasised that leveraging the nation’s resources to drive positive change through strategic CSR and citizen engagement would improve lives and transform the country’s economy.

 In his remark, the Chief Marketing Officer, of Heirs Insurance, Ifesinachi Okpagu stated that there is a need for effective collaboration between the public and private sectors.

 According to her, efforts must be geared towards achieving social impact by empowering Nigerian and African entrepreneurs to boost long-term productivity.

 She added that CSR is critical to the nation’s economic development because it engenders the production and distribution of wealth in such a way that it is beneficial to all stakeholders.

  Corroborating, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Sterling One Foundation, Olapeju Ibekwe said the government should collaborate with the private sector to identify existing issues militating against the nation’s prosperity as well as identify solutions and drive an efficient partnership through CSR.

  He stated that companies must evaluate their investment in CSR to effectively measure its impact on the community and how it benefits both the public and private sectors.

  Founder of leading digital charity platform, ProjectGiiV, Olamide Jasanya, noted that CSR involves companies taking responsibility for their actions and considering the impacts of their decisions on society and the environment, and citizen engagement which involves public involvement in the decisions that affect them and their communities.

  According to him, by combining both elements, companies can work together with local communities to develop sustainable solutions to common problems.

  “CSR and Citizen Engagement CSR are key factors in developing sustainable local economies and communities. Companies can use CSR to invest in local communities and create jobs.

  “This can help to reduce poverty and provide economic opportunities for people. Companies can also use CSR to help protect the environment and promote conservation. By investing in renewable energy sources and other green initiatives, the effects of climate change can be reduced and a healthier environment created for people to live in.

  “Citizens’ engagement is an essential part of developing sustainable local economies and communities. Citizens need to have a say in the decisions that affect them and their communities”, he said.



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