By David Akinmola

The Nigerian Council of Registered Insurance Brokers (NCRIB) has listed its expectations for the next administration.

The brokers are expecting the administration to strengthen the insurance business and deepen the industry.

The council has, therefore, called on  Nigerians to eschew politics of bitterness and embrace peace as they focus on agenda that would bring development to the country.

The President of the council, Rotimi Edu, shared the expectations.

According to  Edu, the country needs the collaboration of stakeholders to entrench a virile political process in the country.

While appealing to all the candidates to focus on how they would better the lots of the electorates who voted them into office, Edu urged the winners to be magnanimous enough to embrace other contestants.

Edu called on the emerging leaders from the democratic process to demonstrate the capacity to accommodate the nation’s divergent socioeconomic and political complexities for the good of all.

Setting the agenda for the incoming administration, the NCRIB President said the great focus should be on the revitalisation of the economy and the need to make insurance the vortex of the country’s economic revival.

Edu said that all over the world, insurance is an enabler of commerce and the economy.

According to him, the destiny of the nation is tied to the polity.


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