June 13, 2024

In Nigeria, the average fare for intra-city bus trips per drop escalated by 6.72%, moving from N902.70 in December 2023 to N963.38 in January 2024.

On an annual comparison, the fare witnessed a significant increase of 48.03%, from N650.80 in January 2023.  

These statistics are sourced from the latest Transport Fare Watch report for January 2024, published by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), indicating trends for city-based commuting costs in Nigeria.  

The NBS report also disclosed that in January 2024, Taraba State had the highest fare for intra-city bus journeys (per single route) at N1,400, followed by Jigawa at N1,250, and Bauchi at N1,200.  

Conversely, Abia registered the lowest average fare for city bus trips at N550, with Adamawa at N570, and Sokoto at N600. 

In terms of regional analysis for January 2024, the South South zone recorded the highest average fares for intra-city bus journeys at N1,015.83. This represented a 6.93% increase from the N950 average fare in December 2023 and was 53.35% higher than the N662.41 noted in January 2023. 

In January 2024, the Northeast zone registered as the second-highest region for average intra-city bus fares at N996.67, marking a 41.78% increase from January 2023’s N702.95, and a 7.75% rise from December 2023’s N925. 

The Southeast zone saw its intra-city bus fares reach an average of N900 in January 2024, a 45.55% jump from the N618.35 noted in January 2023, and a 7.14% increase over December 2023’s N840. It was the zone with the lowest average fares for intra-city bus journeys in January 2024. 

In the North Central zone, average fares for city bus journeys were N962.86 in January 2024, 7.84% above December 2023’s fare and 49.63% higher than January 2023’s N643.49. 

The Northwest zone recorded average intra-city bus fares of N957.14 in January 2024, experiencing a 49.39% surge from January 2023’s N653.85 and a 5.51% increase from December 2023’s N907.14. 

For the Southwest region, the average bus fares within the city were noted at N938.33 in January 2024, a 51.58% increase from January 2023’s N619.03, and 5.23% higher than the N891.67 recorded in December 2023. 


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