July 22, 2024

The Nigerian Council of Registered Insurance Brokers (NCRIB) has called on the federal and state governments to quickly address the issue of insecurity and food scarcity bedeviling the country.

The President of NCRIB, Babatunde Oguntade, made the call at the February Edition of NCRIB Members’ Evening in Lagos, saying that in the wake of the economic challenges bedeviling the nation, it is pertinent to urge the government and other relevant agencies to rise to the challenge to tackle the issue immediately.

He said one of the factors responsible for food scarcity, aside from the continuous rise in foreign exchanges, influence of hoarders, and unscrupulous elements within the system, is the issue of insecurity, particularly the indiscriminate killings of farmers.

This he said made it impossible for them to produce farm products enough to care for the nation.

“It is on this premise that the council join other well-meaning Nigerians to appeal to the Federal Government and the Nigerian Service Chiefs to, as a matter of urgency, look into the issue of insecurity and doggedly pursue its avowed commitment towards re-establishment of forest rangers and of course, state policing.

“In the immediate, we urge the Government at every level to continue tenaciously in the distribution of grains to the citizens without any political coloration.

There must be consistent assistance rendered to the farmers in terms of fertiliser’s distributions.”

He urged the governors to invest more in farming, adding that this would ensure surplus food in circulation, stating that life devoid of hunger put the effect of poverty at a low bay.

While all these efforts are being mustard by the government, our Council would like to enjoin Nigerians to eschew violence and be more patient with the present government towards solving these besetting challenges, he said.

Ogungbade also used the opportunity to awaken Nigerians to put primacy on insurance as a risk mitigation device, stating that this is simply because the recovery capability of any loss item has become difficult.

He maintained that NCRIB Members Evening is one of the most pivotal programmes of the Council, through which Registered Insurance Brokers, who are members of the Council, interact with renowned underwriters in the market, to add value to both parties mutually.

He noted that it has been observed that some CEOs who by design should be present at the Evening, now find it comfortable to stay away.

He used the opportunity to appeal to stakeholders in the sector to see the event as one of the flagship events of the Council.


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