The members of the “Women Initiative for Advocacy, Social Justice & Empowerment”
(WIASE),a non-governmental organisation fully dedicated to promoting the participation of all
cadres of women in nation building, advocate for social justice and encourage the attainment of
the full potentials of the girl – child among others has totally condemn the political killings
that took place around the country in the last two weeks.
The organisation in a release issued and signed by its Chairperson, Adekemi Adewunmi  said:  “particularly traumatic and distressing was the burning to death of a political woman leader of Wada Aro Campaign Council,  Ochadamu Ward in Ofu Local Government Area, Hon. Mrs Acheju Abuh on Monday, November
18th, 2019.
“The WIASE legal committee on behalf of the group, thoroughly condemn this inhumane and barbaric acts ,which should not have any place in our society and in our democratic process. These recent acts of violence against women and men alike in Kogi and Bayelsa states during
and after the just concluded governorship elections have been extremely disturbing.  We members
of Wiase are raising their voice against injustice of any kind,
especially when it affect fellow women irrespective of political, social, or religious affiliations.
“There is an urgent need for more action to be taken to curb this extreme disregard for human rights, life and property. Hence, we call on the Nigerian Police and all relevant security agencies to take the necessary steps and action to
combat these unfortunate incidents and thereby curtail anarchy.
“We commiserate with the family of late Mrs Acheju Abuh and stand with them to demand a
thorough investigation and justice. We also sympathize with everyone who suffered any loss as
a result of the violence. We forthwith call on the Federal Government and the National Assembly to ensure that the perpetrators and sponsors of these heinous acts do not escape justice so as to deter any future recurrence. Every Nigerian life is precious and it is imperative that the federal government affirms this to the rest of the world by her quick action in dealing with such cases.
“We equally condemn the use of thugs and fake policemen to cause deadly attacks and
perpetrate violence in elections in Nigeria. The desperation of politicians to win elections at all
cost diminishes the gains of our democracy and calls to question the integrity of our elections
and our electoral body. Therefore, it is important for INEC to restore confidence in the Nigerian
people by proposing electoral reforms that will eradicate violence from our elections. INEC
must live up to its name and be truly ‘independent!’
“Without meaningful and urgent action, our 20 years sojourn in democracy would be termed an
exercise in futility”, WIASE said.

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